Feb 18

GATO Con 2014 Event Schedule

Hey guys! The Event schedule is finally up! It’s still tentative up until the date, but mostly everything is there and will be great fun! It’s a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet image, so if you have trouble looking at it, we apologize. If you have any questions, you can email gatocon@live.com, or message our Facebook page GATO Con.

Jan 15

Confused? Click our links above & also INFO Stash below!

Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been quiet on our website and Facebook page. The website had technical issues for a few months (WOAH), and we barely got it fixed just after New Years’ (Yay!).
Anyway, if you haven’t already, go over to Registration to Pre-Register for discounted pricing. If you are a VENDOR or an ARTIST, you can Register here. We still have spaces available.

If you didn’t know, GATO Con 2014 is February 22-23, Saturday and Sunday.
If you’re wondering which guests we are having, click on Guests above. We got some old favorites, including some new ones.
Check them out with the links provided!

You may be wondering what types of events you can expect at this year’s GATO Con. Below are some examples, though we don’t have a set time and/or date for them yet:

Cosplay Contest (Saturday)
RAVE (Saturday night)
Persona Development workshop called “When it is Good to be Bad”
Starting your own Steampunk Group Panel
LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) Chess (use your own person!)
Tenchi Muyo! 101: Dissecting the Series Panel
Anime Jeopardy
UNO Tournament
“Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog” shadow-played by After Midnight, one of our guest groups (Saturday)
Comedy Show by Pre-Mature Punchline, a sub-group from Zero Untitled Productions (Both days)
How-To Zombie Make-up Workshop
Battle Scenes and other Acting Tips workshop
Guess that Anime! game event
Laser Tag (Saturday)
Ninja! game competition
Obstacle Course
Pokemon Trivia game
Jellybean Relay Race
How to Build a Costume 101
Dark Side of the Steampunk
How to Create Chainmail workshop
Dating Game (Saturday night)

Tournaments (Prizes of course):
Magic The Gathering TCG Tournament (Saturday 6 pm)
Yu-gi-oh TCG Tournament (Saturday 1 pm)
Pokemon TCG Tournament (Sunday 11 am)
Video game tournaments to be announced soon, run by Critical Hit Gaming

Of course more events are to come! Details and times will also be posted as we come closer to our date!

Feb 17


GATO Con is located at the Memorial Student Union Building at Texas A&M University – Kingsville campus. Located on the corner of Santa Gertrudis Ave and University Blvd.

We apologize if this was not made clear!

Feb 06

Reminder About Cosplay and Weapons

Love to Cosplay? Great! We can’t wait to see you at GATOCon!

I’d just like to put up this reminder about weapons and cosplay for GATOCon. Real weapons are NOT allowed. We are still on a university campus and safety is a major issue. We do have permission for use of foam, cardboard, and other “fake” weapons. If you aren’t sure if what you plan on bringing is an acceptable item, be sure to contact Cory at 361-228-3477 to ask. No harm in being too cautious.

Further details on the policy is located here.

Thanks everybody!