Guests, Panelists, Performers OH MY!
(A work in progress ^_- )
Each name has a link to one of their websites/profiles, so check them out!

Silly Little Missy is a local cosplay enthusiast who will be happy to bring joy and fun to the party this year. Just a real life Magical Girl who loves to create wonderful works of wearable art, all inspired by videogames, anime, comic books, and pop culture!

Twisted Dreamscapes Productions is a guest this year at GATO Con. They specialize in COSTUMES, PROPS, HAUNTED HOUSES, FX MAKEUP!! Big fun panels and contests are their thing, and they can’t wait to see you all there!

After Midnight Productions is an Official Traveling Cast out of Houston, TX. They love to shadow-play, but it’s more fun than you can imagine! Come on out to see their shadow-play of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Dig Ital Outburst is a cosplay and entertainer group from Corpus Christi, TX. They love to go to conventions and show their support and love for anime, gaming, steampunk and cosplay! They will be putting on a show and games for the attendees, so come check them out and get your otaku on!

Zero Untitled Productions is a theatrical group based in Kingsville, Texas, that produces unique experiences on stage, in film, and in other media. Zero Untitled’s goal is to let artists and audiences alike think outside the box.

The Steam Engine Intrepid
We are more then just the bad guys of a LARP event. We are more then just merchants of handcrafted fan art.
We are performers, costumers, and artists that bring pop culture to life. From Steampunk to Movies to Television to Video Games, we make characters come alive and interact with convention attendees across Texas and the region. We specialize in the antagonists and bad guys, to provide unique interactive experiences for attendees for photos and more.
In addition to our wide selection of fan related art, ranging from high end leather goods to stuffed toys to props and costumes, we also provide panels, workshops, and photo opportunities to attendee guests at conventions like Texas Comic Con, Houston Comicpalooza, and AnimeFest.
Our panels give in depth tips and advice at every level, from those just beginning, to experienced veterans looking for inspiration for their next big project.
While many groups focus on a specific genre or fandom, we have managed to maintain a high level of quality across several genres, allowing us to reach out and bridge gaps between fandoms.
Our diversity and ability to adapt our services is one of our greatest strengths, allowing us to tailor the experience for an event, blending seamlessly with themes and the other programming offerings.
Whether its original Steampunk villains, the Weeping Angels of Doctor Who, the minions of Umbrella Corporation, scurvy Pirates, or any of our other many projects, we give the attendees not only a chance to take pictures of high end elaborate costuming and props, but also the Hero Experience of facing down the bad guy and winning the day.
We promote the ideal of being inclusive, not exclusive. We believe in being elite, not elitist. We strive to always continue to improve, and to help others improve, everything we do. We want to bring to you our very best, and help you find the very best in yourself. We play the bad guys, so you can discover the hero in you.
So who are we?
We are, ever and always, Intrepid.

Critical Hit Gaming is a South Texas tournament and gaming equipment provider that will be hosting our Video Game Tournaments. Lots of cash prizes!!!

Any ideas, suggestions, questions concerning guests, please email